Our bodies, being part of the natural world are affected by the change of seasons.  Understanding the qualities of the season allows you to live in greater harmony with nature’s rhythms. It also gives you insight into recognizing what may need tending to within yourself to create balanced health.

The spring season is characterized by ascending and uplifting energy.  Deep within the earth an incredible force is at work to allow plants to push upwards above ground with their vibrant colors and sap to rise up within the trees so leaves can grow outward.  In the spring there is a quickening, an awakening. The plants and animals come out of winter’s slumber to create new life.

The yoga practice offers many techniques to maintain balance during times of change.  Given the natural world is expanding it can be helpful include grounding and stability in your practice. Metaphorically putting your roots down will give you greater resiliency.  Standing postures are by far the most grounding given the feet are stable on the earth.  Imagine your roots going beneath the earth to support the upward lift of your spine.  You can explore this most readily in Mountain, Warrior II and Tree postures.  Rooting down into your feet to lift up through your spine.  With practice this will allow your posture to become more effortless and create an inner stability through the change of seasons.

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