I love how travel opens my perspective to new ways of seeing. I enjoy exploring culture and learning about how the rest of the world lives. As a highly sensitive person, traveling is not always smooth for me. Because I have a serious case of wanderlust I have learned a few things to help make traveling easeful.

From minding the senses to bolstering the immune system to favorite apps, here’s a list to set you right on the path ahead for your transit days-

Mind Your Senses

Nasya oil – for your nose, lubricates your nasal pathways and gives your immunity a buffer
Ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones – minimizes overstimulation
Paper Tape – taping your mouth on flights ensures nose breathing and prevents sore throats

Herbal Support

Ginger People Ginger Chews – great for preventing and reducing nausea
Dhanwantharam Gulika – an Ayurveda motion sickness formula. Take first pill two hours before take-off, then one pill every two hours while on a flight or drive.
Host Defense Turkey Tail – daily general immune support
Wish Garden Kick Ass Immune Activator – take on travel days as a preventative and if you experience signs or symptoms of getting sick
Coptis tincture – to recover or speed through flu or food poisoning
Jet Zone – homeopathic remedy that reduces jet-leg
Melatonin – to reset your day/night cycle if you have crossed time zones


AWAY Luggage – Bigger Carry-On with Pocket is my go-to carry-on choice
Osprey – Sojourn has many great pockets, it is magical just how much can fit in them
(Re)Zip – eco friendly reusable plastic storage bags for your travel liquids
Packing Cubes – Away, EBags, Osprey, Eagle Creek, etc.


XE Currency App – calculate currency exchange rates on the go
Insight Timer – dharma talks and guided meditations
Google Maps – its good to know where you are going and what to do when you are lost

Travel Insurance

World Nomad – health and travel insurance for your trip beyond the airport


This is part one in a series. In future posts, I will share how to fuel your body with nourishing food and self-care support on the go. Happy travels!

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