My sweet tooth is my down fall in the realm of healthy eating.  Time and time again, I vow to eliminate processed sugar from my diet.  This quest has opened doors to creative and healthy alternatives to satisfy my love of the sweet taste.

One of my favorite quick sweet treats are coconut date boats.  I enjoy them as a mid-day snack or for desert.  Date boats are easy to make and deeply nourishing.

Dates have long been revered in Ayurveda for building ojas.  Ojas is considered the ‘nectar of life’; nourishing vitality, strength and immunity.

I was told by a naturopath, that eating healthy fat, such as coconut oil, helps ground the sugar when eating fruits.  Coconut oil is booming with benefits of supporting your brain’s function and your skin’s glow.  Coconut is also cooling so it is a perfect to add it to your diet during the hot summer season. Plus I think it tastes just like frosting once tucked in a medjool date!

10 medjool dates
organic coconut oil
shredded coconut
himalayan pink salt

1. Slice the dates on one side, length wise, and remove the pit.
2. Fill the date with coconut oil, sprinkle with a very light dash of salt, and top with shredded coconut.
3. Store in the refrigerator as the coconut oil will melt on a hot summer day above 75 degrees.


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