My bff arrived for a weekend visit, from the east coast, bringing along a wicked cold and laryngitis.  In my efforts to help her regain her health, and to personally fend off what she had, we drank copious amounts of ginger lemon cinnamon tea.

This herbal decoction is a perfect elixir for the cold season as it supports the respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems.  Ginger and cinnamon are antispasmodic, expectorant, and carminative in nature.  Lemon is packed with vitamin C while honey acts as a cough suppressant and soothes a sore throat. If you are looking to get the blood flowing to your cold hands and feet, hoping to clear your lungs and sinuses, or would like a digestive fire boost, this may be the perfect warming tea for you.

4 c water
2 inches ginger, chopped
2 cinnamon sticks
juice of one lemon
local honey to taste

  1. In a medium pot, with a lid, bring water, ginger and cinnamon to a boil.
  2. Turn down heat to simmer, covered, for 10-20 minutes; the longer it simmers, the more potent and flavorful.
  3. Add the juice of one lemon and honey to taste, then strain into mugs.

I get two steeps out of one batch by adding 4 more cups of water.  Often times this second batch, after boiling, I turn off the heat, and let sit for an hour or more before adding more lemon and honey.  Those with the pitta dosha may want to drink this tea in moderation while vata and kapha doshas may enjoy this tea all through the winter season.  Not sure what your Ayurvedic dosha is?  Check out this quiz.

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