“Life is manifested in motion, but the power of life resides in the stillness.” -Rollin E. Becker

Everything we do plants a seed.

The perpetual busy-ness that is all too common in our culture often gives rise to stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. The practices of yoga, meditation, and neurovascular therapy invite us to slow down, settle the nervous system, and deeply care for ourselves, thus fostering health, resiliency, and ease in body, mind, and heart.  When we take care of ourselves, the inner resources we need to heal, thrive, and live whole-heartedly are allowed to flourish.


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Upcoming Retreats


AHKi Retreat Center, Costa Rica

January 6-13th & 13-20th, 2018

This tropical mountain yoga retreat will allow you to rejuvenate deeply and gain insight into your practice. Learn more...