Over two decades ago, while living in a cabin in the redwood forest, I picked up Giardia, a nasty stomach bug. After a few rounds of prescriptions, western medicine said I was in the clear, but I knew something still wasn’t right. During the years that followed I tried many diets and naturopathic remedies to try and alleviate my ongoing digestive issues. So many foods upset my stomach and my diet became more and more restricted. Then I learned about the Ayurvedic method of using food as medicine and gentle cleansing to help rebuild digestive fire or agni.

We now know that good health, in the body and mind, begins in the gut. Studying Ayurveda gave me the tools to understand my constitution so that I could determine what foods were most nourishing for my individual makeup. Now I’m able to enjoy a variety of whole foods that are in balance with the seasons, while experiencing improved digestion, more balanced energy and a clearer mind.

Healing my own body with Ayurvedic wisdom inspired me to take formal training and become a Certified Ayurveda Health Practioner so that I can help others. I’ve learned that Ayurveda is a brilliant system that isn’t just about the absence of disease—it’s about knowing the truth of you and having the right tools for self-healing so that you can feel your best and enjoy a life of vitality and longevity. Doesn’t that sound appealing? If so, I’d love to work with you.


The Overview

Ayurveda is the indigenous medicine of India, spanning back over more than 5,000 years ago, and is considered the oldest continuously practiced health-care system in the world. Ayur means “life” and veda means “science” or “knowledge”, so it can be understood as a science of life. Ayurveda uses food as medicine, herbs, lifestyle routines, bodywork therapies, and gentle seasonal cleansing to nourish the tissues, remove stagnation, and increase health.

Ayurveda views each individual as a unique combination of the five elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. As we understand the qualities most present in our bodies and minds we are able to make optimal choices to help us be vibrant and healthy.

Some of the practices of Ayurveda are not customary in our culture, like self-massage with sesame oil or eating ghee (clarified butter). While these practices might be encouraged, Ayurveda is not about adapting a new culture or a new set of beliefs, it’s about learning to eat and live in a way that is best for you, where you live, at this time in your life. It’s a gift from one culture that can be practiced from within your own.


Who are these Ayurveda offerings for?

  • You might be looking for a whole life overhaul or may want to tippy-toe into learning about the magic of simple habits you can adopt—like drinking warm water to begin your day—that will have a big impact.
  • You want a compassionate space to look at your lifestyle, habits, and diet to tease out what’s working, not working, and what could work better.
  • You’re interested in learning healthier lifestyle routines and how to navigate modern life in a way that feels more balancing, sustaining, and meaningful. You’re also interested in having a better relationship with food and being in attunement with the seasons.
  • You may have specific ailments you’d like to address, such as anxiety, digestive issues, fatigue, inflammation, insomnia, chronic pain or stress.

What are the benefits?

Here are some of the things that you might learn, get, gain, or feel:

  • how to adapt your diet for your particular imbalances and constitution
  • how to cook with the seasons and how to do better meal planning
  • what daily lifestyle routines are most sustaining
  • restoration of body, mind, senses and soul
  • relief from specific ailments
  • dis-ease prevention
  • improved digestion
  • improved sleep
  • less stress and anxiety
  • living in closer attunement to the earth, seasons, and the elements
  • radiance, vigor, and energy


I offer personalized services by way of Ayurvedic health counseling, seasonal tune-ups and cleanses.  First time clients are asked to do in-depth Ayurvedic Health Counseling or introductory Wellness Consultation to start.  In addition to Follow-Up appointments, established clients may also choose to do Seasonal Tune-Ups.  I also facilitate an online community cleanse four times a year which is open to new and existing clients alike. 

What to expect

In general, you can expect to receive diet, lifestyle, self-care and herbal recommendations suited to both the season of the year and the season of your life. These services aren’t one-size fits all; they’re individual and in the spirit of Ayurveda take a personalized approach to health.

Sessions always begin with me listening to your story and end with a personalized wellness plan that includes diet, lifestyle and herbal recommendations.


By appointment, currently to protect our community, sessions occur online via Zoom.


The Ayurvedic consultation will begin with an in-depth conversation about your health history, present concerns and lifestyle to determine your dosha, or constitutional type. Completely customized to your individual needs, we will address your health concerns, hopes, and goals.  Working with your own unique circumstances, I will offer thoughtful, sustainable, individual lifestyle, self-care, diet/nutrition and herbal recommendations to bring you into balance during the present season and your current stage of life.

Cost: $235

Includes: a 1-hour initial consultation and 1-hour follow up appointment, as well as a personalized wellness plan.



The Wellness consultation is aimed at supporting your most pressing and current concern. This session is a wonderful introduction into Ayurveda. Working with your own unique circumstances, I will offer simple recommendations to bring you into balance during the present season and your current stage of life.

Cost: $125

Includes: a 1-hour consultation as well as a personalized wellness plan.

Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up appointments are encouraged to help you stay on track to develop healthier habits and routines. They also allow us to check in and see how you’ve been responding to your wellness plan. We may then build on what’s been established, adjust your wellness plan as needed, or address new health plans and add to the current recommendations.

Cost: $125 per hour-long session | $575 for package of five hour-long sessions

Includes: An updated personal wellness plan


This Seasonal Tune-Up is for established clients who want to adapt their yoga practice, self-care routines, lifestyle, and diet to the current season. It is best done two to four weeks before the start of a new season in order to ensure a smooth transition. Some of the seasonal issues you may be dealing with that we can address are allergies, sinus congestion, and cold and flu in the spring; overheating, irritability, acid reflex, inflammation or skin rashes in the summer; feelings of coldness and numbness, dry skin and constipation in the fall; or feeling fatigued and depleted in the winter. Whatever it is you’re experiencing, you’ll receive recommendations that are suited to your constitution at the current time of the year.

Cost: $125 per hour-long session | $575 for package of five hour-long sessions

Includes: Personalized seasonal wellness plan

Andrea’s cleanses offer a great opportunity to reset your eating habits, learn delicious new recipes, and feel connected to a supportive wellness community. The recipes alone are worth the price of admission, and Andrea’s daily emails offer even more useful tips and nutritional wisdom.

I look forward to setting aside these special days for self-care every spring and fall.To be honest, I always “cheat” a little when I’m doing a cleanse with Andrea! But that’s ok! Andrea leaves room for imperfection and encourages everyone to stay within their comfort zone while offering wise and compassionate feedback for achieving your goals. And the recipes are amazing!