Eight Limbs of Yoga

The eight limbs of yoga were outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras about 2000 years ago.  They are timeless tools for a full spectrum practice that benefit our bodies, minds, and relationships to the world.

1. Yamas -external disciplines (ethics)

Ahimsa -non-harming; kindness
Satya -honesty
Asteya -non-stealing; not taking what is not freely given
Brahmacharya -wise use of sexual and creative energy
Aparigraha -non-greed; generosity

2. Niyamas -internal disciplines

Saucha -purification
Santosha -contentment
Tapas -discipline, motivation
Swadhyaya -self-study; contemplation
Ishvarapranidhana -faith

3. Asana -physical postures

4. Pranayama -breath energy regulation

5. Pratyahara -drawing the senses inward, non-reactivity

6. Dharana -concentration

7. Dhyana -meditation

8. Samadhi -integration, intimacy, interdependence

Kleshas -five causes of suffering

1. Avidya -not seeing clearly; ignorance

2. Asmita -ego

3. Raga -attachment

4. Dvesha -aversion

5. Abhinivesha -the fear of death

Abhyasa satkar sevita -practice over a long period of time with joy.


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