For years, I devotedly practiced ashtanga yoga—a form of yoga that is both rigorous and vigorous—and never imagined I’d slow my practice down… until I developed a shoulder injury. Having chronic pain gave me a tremendous amount of empathy and compassion for people who struggle with injuries and health concerns, and it taught me how to both practice and teach in a different way.

In the few years it took to heal my shoulder I learned therapeutic techniques that are the foundation of my teaching style. That’s the wonderful thing about yoga: there are many different approaches, which allow us to find the best style for our constitution and time of life. My classes begin with meditation, followed by Mindful Strength and Alignment Yoga.

I invite you to come as you are to all my yoga offerings—from ongoing classes, to one-on-one sessions. If you’d like to learn to calm your mind, move better in your body, and develop flexibility balanced with mindful strength, I’d love for you to join me.



These alignment-based yoga classes slow posture practice down and honor the biomechanics of the body. They aren’t just about going through the motions; they’re about embodiment and mindful movement so that you can understand how your body works and, in turn, learn how to move more freely.

Just because we slow posture practice down to investigate, feel, and be more present in our bodies, doesn’t mean we’re moving in slow motion the entire class or that the postures are unchallenging. Really, we’re creating a way for you to learn your optimal movement practice, with a lot of emphasis on mindfulness, anatomy, and physiology.

Alignment-based yoga also incorporates meditation and breathing practices. One of the tenets of the practice that we recognize is that when you’re aligned in your body, you create space to find alignment in your life.


Who are these yoga offerings for?

  • You aren’t just interested in exercise—you also want to develop and deepen your relationship with your body. You want to restore your body’s flow of vitality and to cultivate a steadiness of mind, a compassionate heart, and a deeper awareness of yourself in the world you are part of.
  • You want to be free to move unselfconsciously, no matter your body type, your age, or your health and fitness level.
  • You want to age well. As your body continually changes, you want to move in a way that is optimal for you.
  • Maybe you’re recovering from an injury or dealing with an ailment and you want to have a movement practice that feels both safe and healing.
  • Or maybe the momentum of life feels like it’s pulled you off center and you need something that’s just for you—something that offers a way to get and stay grounded so that you can go through your days with greater ease.

What are the benefits?

Here are some of the things that you might learn, get, gain, or feel:

  • space and time to feel what you’re feeling in your body
  • a deeper connection with your body and your experience in the moment
  • greater understanding of how the body works
  • tools to move better and work through tasks you do in everyday life with greater ease
  • injury prevention and recovery
  • more strength, mobility, and stability
  • tools to better regulate the mind
  • more resiliency
  • more grounded and open-hearted


I offer ongoing classes for all levels and intermediate students, as well as private one-on-one sessions.

What to Expect

These yoga classes are not just a fitness experience. They start with a meditation and continue with a mindful approach. Postures are adjusted to both the season of one’s life and the season of the year. You’ll learn postures that will keep you cool in the summer, grounded in the fall, warmed and restored in the winter (especially after the holidays), and rejuvenated in the spring.

Both yoga classes and one-one-one sessions ensure that you learn about the body’s anatomy and mechanics, alignment, breath, meditation, and relaxation.

One-on-One Sessions

By appointment
Quarry Arts Building – 715 Hill Street, Suite 130 – Madison

While group yoga classes are an effective way of learning and practicing, yoga remains an entirely personal practice. There are times when one’s practice and growth may be best served in a one-on-one setting, including when:

  • group classes seem overwhelming or intimidating
  • you’re working with an injury, limitation, or health concern
  • you would like to address the finer points of the practice
  • you would like to learn yoga step by step creating a solid foundation for continued growth
  • you would like to develop or deepen a meditation or pranayama practice
  • you are a teacher who wants mentoring

During these private sessions at my studio in the beautiful Quarry Arts Building for Madison’s healing community, I will listen to your story so we can begin to connect the dots with previous injuries or particular movement patterns. You’ll learn corrective and therapeutic exercises and optimal postures that will help restore your body, as well as deepen your practice. Instructions will be written down so that you may continue to practice what uniquely works for you at home.

Cost: $100 per hour-long session | $475 for package of five hour-long sessions

Includes: homework instructions


Intermediate Yoga

Mondays & Thursdays from 5:30 – 7pm

Mound Street Yoga Center – 1342 Mound Street – Madison

Mound Street Yoga Center is Madison’s first yoga studio (est. in 1984) and brings together “intelligent wisdom and practical fitness.” I’m pleased to offer these classes that build on beginner’s classes for mixed-level participants. Running half an hour longer than my all-levels classes, we have more time to explore anatomy and a larger variety of postures. We also have more time for meditation and relaxation. Because everything is expanded, these classes are ideal for those who want to take the time to deepen their practice.

$15 for single, $70 for 5-class pass, $130 for a 10-class pass

Note: Please visit Mound Street Yoga Center to learn about other rates and discounts.

Includes: yoga mats and props.

 Rx Yoga

TUESDAYS FROM 9:30 – 10:45AM

Perennial Yoga – 5500 East Cheryl Parkway – Fitchburg

I am teaching Perennial Yoga’s signature Rx classes through May 14th during the primary teachers absence. Rx Yoga is a synthesis of healing modalities – gentle yoga, restorative yoga, corrective exercises, breath work and guided meditation, that creates an experience of deep relaxation so natural healing can take place. It’s a class for you if a health concern or your age, physical or emotional well-being needs an extra measure of support. After class be sure to make stop in to Surya Cafe for the most remarkable plant based meal.

Cost: $17 for single, $140 for a 10-class pass

Note: Please visit Perennial Yoga to learn about other rates and discounts.

Includes: Yoga mats and props.


 Slow Flow Yoga

Wednesdays & Fridays from 12:15 – 1:15pm

Bliss Flow Yoga – 3527 University Avenue – Madison

When Bliss Flow Yoga began, it was envisioned to be comfortable place where friends gather—a place that was an extension of home. I’m proud to be one of Bliss Flow’s instructors, offering these popular lunchtime classes that are open to participants of all levels of experience. Some participants have been coming for ten years and others are just beginning their practice, making these classes truly inclusive.

Cost: $17 for single, $85 for 5-class pass, $165 for a 10-class pass

Note: Please visit Bliss Flow Yoga to learn about other rates and discounts.

Includes: Yoga mats, props, and Bliss Flow’s signature blended tea.


“Andrea creates a safe space for personal growth, no matter where you’re starting from and we’re all coming from different places. I’ve grown both spiritually and in my yoga practice.”
-Julie Wright