Do you want to stay healthy and balanced through the seasons? This in depth virtual workshop will teach you everything you need to know to reduce heat, mitigate imbalance, and stay cool and calm through the summer season. The one-hour and forty-minute video can be viewed on your computer or phone.


  • Why it is important to live in alignment with the seasons
  • All about the Pitta dosha and how to balance Pitta in the summertime
  • The common imbalances experienced in the summer and how to avoid them
  • What foods to favor and what foods to minimize for the greatest health
  • How to adjust your self-care practices to the season
  • How to adjust your yoga, meditation, and pranayama practice
  • How to use the science of Ayurveda for self-healing


Summer Wellness Workshop Andrea Russell

An Introduction to Ayurveda

The Art of Health & Longevity

This one-hour workshop is an introduction to Ayurveda and understanding your true nature. Learn the core principles of Ayurveda and how to apply this timeless wisdom to your modern life to foster greater balance, health, and longevity. Topics covered include history, theory, and practice. The one-hour video can be viewed on your computer or phone.


  • The 3 pillars of Ayurveda
  • The 4 causes of disease
  • How to recognize each of the 5 elements within you and around you
  • The 3 Ayurvedic mind-body constitution types and how to determine your constitution
  • What creates balance and imbalance for each of the three constitutions
  • How to use the science of Ayurveda for self-healing
  • Simple Ayurveda self-care practices



Receive over 25 guided Alignment Yoga audio classes to support your home practice. Classes are one to one and half hours in length, covering a wide range of themes and postures from shoulders, hips, spine and feet. Each class begins with a short meditation followed by a themed yoga class and ending with relaxation. This audio-only package is a great choice for those that would like to learn Alignment Yoga, support a home practice, or teachers looking to diversify their classes. Upon purchasing you will receive an email link with the audio files to download to your phone or computer.



Receive an eBook filled with nourishing, caffeine free, recipes created with Ayurvedic wisdom, holistic health, and the changing seasons in mind. Many of the recipes contain herbs and spices that support the digestive system or nervous system, promote grounding, warming or cooling, and instill a sense of calm. These recipes will allow you to reap the benefits of drinking for health and transform the simple act of enjoying a delicious drink into a daily self-care ritual.

The Nourishing Drinks eBook includes:

  • 35 recipes with beautiful color photographs
  • Tips for drinking wisely to support your digestive fire and get the most out of your daily cup
  • Recipes for teas, moon milks, lattes, smoothies, lassi, and infused waters
  • Recipes include Sleep Deep Milk, Golden Milk, Immune Tea, Gut Soother Tea, Head Ease Tea, Aloe Cardamom Cool Tea, Stress Free Chai, Coconut Chia Smoothie, and many more