When my apple crisp recipe was featured in New York Spirit magazine, Sweet Churna began to fly off the shelf at Puja Wellness. An Ayurvedic warming spice blend of cinnamon, cardamon, fennel, ginger and nutmeg; Sweet Churna brings warmth, digestive support, and a lightly sweet flavor to many autumn favorites.   There are countless ways to enjoy this Ayurvedic spice; here are a few to get you started.

Add a few dashes of Sweet Churna to:
-Apple crisp
-Apple pie
-Cooked oatmeal
-Oatmeal cookies
-Chocolate brownies
-Homemade granola
-Stewed or baked apples
-Raw apples or pears
-Cooked squash or sweet potato
-Warm milk
-A smoothie
-Ice cream

Sweet Churna can be found in Puja Wellness‘s boutique or online store.

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