Our bodies, being part of the natural world are affected by the change of seasons. Understanding the qualities of the season allows you to live in greater harmony with nature’s rhythms. It also gives you insight into recognizing what may need tending to within yourself to create balanced health.

The spring season is characterized by […]

Dead Bug Series-Essential Pre-Yoga

The Dead Bug series is a wonderful pre-yoga series for building core strength and coordination; here is a helpful video to support your practice. If you would like to learn more about Alignment Yoga, be sure to check out Scott Anderson’s AY blog, where this video made its debut.



Celebrating Winter Solstice

Bowing in infinite gratitude, releasing that which no longer serves and setting intentions to illuminate the path.

The Winter Solstice is the longest night and the shortest day. The dark triumphs but only briefly. For the Solstice is also a turning point. From here (until the Summer Solstice), the nights grow shorter and the […]

Sitting in Solidarity at the Wisconsin Capitol

The yoga studio or mediation hall is not the most appropriate place for political debate. However, these practices have great tools to offer and can serve as a message of peace as we navigate political upheaval. Yoga and meditation can teach us to stay grounded when the ground feels groundless. The practice can teach […]


Here’s to the place within you where the entire universe resides. Here’s to the place within you of love, of light, of truth, of peace. Here’s to the place within you, where if you are in that place within you, and I am in that place within me, There is only one of us. […]

Optimal Breathing

This week I was asked to write a response to questions for a natural health publication on yoga & breathing, here it is! How can improper breathing patterns harm the body? How can yogic breathing help correct such patterns? Optimal breathing has a direct link to our physical and emotional health. Improper breathing, or […]

Yoga for a World out of Balance Weekend Workshop

Michael Stone-international yoga teacher, lecturer, author & psychotherapist will be coming to Mound Street Yoga Center, in Madison, April 9-11th. This weekend workshop is sure to support a deepening of your yoga practice and enrich your understanding of philosophy applied to everyday life. Register by March 15th to receive the early registration price $200, […]

Life as Practice

Let your life be your practice and your practice be your life, whatever is happening right now is the practice. Prana doesn’t flow well when you have poor relationships. Place all experiences, all beings in the center of your heart; you may see more kindly and the nadis will open, prana flowing more freely. […]