Attuning your diet to the seasons will support your equilibrium and optimal health throughout the year. Ayurveda suggests that like increases like and opposites balance. As autumn arrives the qualities of cool, light, rough and mobile are more present. Introducing the opposite qualities of warm, heavy, smooth and stable can be deeply nourishing and […]


After a long travel day, going from warm sunny Costa Rica, to damp and grey Madison, I was craving a nourishing and grounding meal. Luckily these staple ingredients were waiting at home for me. This soup is quick to make, easy to digest and filling, plus it travels well to work or school in […]


The cool winds of autumn have arrived. It’s the time of year to bring your warming and comforting soup recipes back into weekly meal planning. Red lentils are an easy favorite, especially on weeknights, when you may be short on time to get a meal on the table. They cook quickly and are more […]

Sweet Potato + Chard Veggie Bowl

Five years ago I made a commitment to make and pack a home cooked meal everyday to take to work for lunch. This came after years of regularly eating out. Both my pocket book and my digestion have benefitted from eating a more wholesome lunch.

Set the sandwiches aside. Veggie bowls are by far the […]


Our bodies feel the change in the cycles of the natural world, what is able to grow in our gardens expands, and so too, our palate of foods should shift with the season. Beets are a great vegetable to include in your spring meal planning as they contain high levels of betalains which support liver […]


With holiday gluttony in our recent pasts, January is a perfect time of year to cleanse and support healthy digestion. Kitcheri is a nourishing Ayurvedic dish, that is common in India and Nepal, which is balancing for all constitutions or doshas. It includes each of the six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent. […]


When my apple crisp recipe was featured in New York Spirit magazine, Sweet Churna began to fly off the shelf at Puja Wellness. An Ayurvedic warming spice blend of cinnamon, cardamon, fennel, ginger and nutmeg; Sweet Churna brings warmth, digestive support, and a lightly sweet flavor to many autumn favorites. There are countless ways to […]


Angela Gargano, owner of Bliss Flow Yoga and Angels + Thieves, has a gift for exceptional food pairings. A few years ago she brought Oregon Growers + Shippers, Apple Fennel Chutney, back from a west coast visit, to be retailed in the yoga studio boutique. Given I love apples and fennel, I was excited to […]


A vibrant variety of cauliflower with fractal like spiral patterns and a bright green color, romanesco stands with a beauty all of its own. I eagerly await the arrival of romanesco at the farmer’s market and coop as it is so striking and one of my favorite vegetables. This week I bought three heads as […]


With its melding of cranberries, cashews and curry, this chicken salad was a perfect way to satisfy my craving for the tastes of India while pondering what to do with leftovers from last night’s roast chicken.

2 cooked chicken breasts (or combination of legs + breasts), de-boned and shredded or cubed 1/2 c mayonnaise […]